You can leave the the labels, lids, and rings on all your plastic items!
Please clean out messy containers or bottles.

Body Wash, Plastic, Shower

Body Wash

Water, Bottle, Kitchen, Plastic

Bottled Water

Butter, Tub, Plastic, Kitchen

Butter Tub

Cat Litter, Litterbox, Pets, Plastic

Cat Litter Bucket

Coffee, Container, Plastic, Kitchen, Folgers

Coffee Container

Conditioner, Shampoo, Shower, Plastic, Cream Rinse

Conditioner Bottle

Detergent, Bottle, Laundry, Plastic

Detergent Bottles

To-go, food, plastic, clam, food container

Food Clam

Plastic, Food, Food Container

Food Container

Ice cream, tub, plastic, gallon, bucket

Ice Cream Tub

Lotion, Cream, Bottle, Plastic, Moisturizer

Lotion Bottle

Lotion, Cream, Bottle, Plastic, Moisturizer

Lotion Bottle

Milk, bottle, individual, plastic

Milk Bottle

Milk, half gallon, milk jug, Plastic

Milk Half Gallon

Gallon, milk, milk jug, plastic

Milk Jug

Pesticide Bottles

Planting Pots

Soda, soda bottle, pop

Pop bottle

two-liter, large, pop, soda, bottle, plastic

Pop Bottle - 2 L

salad dressing, sauce, dressing, plastic, bottle

Salad Dressing

Shampoo, conditioner, shower, plastic

Shampoo Bottle

Soap, bathroom, soap dispenser, soap bottle

Soap Dispenser

spray bottle, cleaning, cleaning supplies, detergent, plastic, laundry

Spray Bottle

Finger pump, spray bottle, plastic, perfume, spray

Spray Bottle

hair product, spray bottle, medium, plastic

Spray Bottle

to-go, cup, plastic

To-go Cup

to-go, cup, big gulp, plastic

To-Go Cup

Tupperware, ziploc, food storage, plastic


yogurt, ice cream cup, frozen yogurt, plastic, cup

Yogurt Cup